Top 10 Rex Cat Breeds You Shouldn’t Miss

Cats are wonderful pets, and there is a wide variety of breeds available. Rex cats are in a class all by themselves. Their charismatic waves and curls make for striking coats, and some even have crooked whiskers that contribute to their unique appearance. There are several different kinds of Rex cats, each with its unique quirks. Here are the 10 most popular types of Rex cats you shouldn’t miss out on.

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Types of Rex Cats

Before we explore the world of these interesting kittens, let’s explore what makes a Rex cat. Rex cats owe their distinctive appearance to the Rex transformation. It’s responsible for creating those lovely, plush curls and waves in their fur. The Rex mutation brings forth a plethora of possibilities, from coat color and texture to curl type. Cats are amazing pets, and there is a wide variety of cat breeds available.

Top 10 Rex Cat Breeds

Some Rex cats have dense, curly fur, while others sport a lighter, wavier coat. These coats can range from short, almost hairless, to long and luxurious. Now, let’s meet the top 10 Rex cat breeds and explore their characteristics, history, and why they make fantastic companions.

Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex cat hails from Cornwall, England. These kitties are unique because they lack a typical fur coat; instead, they are covered in down. This down is not your ordinary fluff; it’s incredibly soft, plush, and thin. Cornish Rex cats have lanky bodies, slender legs, and large ears. Their coats are wavy and light, coming in a variety of beautiful shades and patterns. However, despite their thin layer of down, Cornish Rex cats are not hypoallergenic.

These cats are incredibly nimble and fast-paced. They are colorful and exciting, making them perfect for families. When people live with one another, they develop close relationships with them, however, they may develop preferences for one roommate over another.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat

The Devon Rex cat has an unmistakable appearance, with oversized ears and a short, tight, wavy coat that flows evenly along their skin in flat lines. Their unique features give them an elfin or pixie-like look. While their whiskers and fur are quite fragile and can break if groomed excessively, the upside is they require minimal brushing. Devon breed is belongs one of the ugliest cats or you can say strange cats in the world.

People like Devon Rexes because of their friendly, outgoing, and cuddly personalities. They are great pets since they get along with everyone and everything. The playful behaviors of these cats are indicative of their lively character.

German Rex


The rare German Rex is a delightful petite cat with short, luscious curls. Their fur feels incredibly soft, and people often describe it as plush and silky. What makes them even more adorable is that their whiskers curl, mirroring their unique coats. German Rex cats may be small, but they are agile and athletically capable, with sleek and thin overall body structure. These cats are attention-seekers, always craving quality time with their human companions. However, finding a German Rex might be a bit challenging due to their rarity.

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex cat

The stunning Selkirk Rex has a heavy-boned body and a coat that is ultra-plush and curly hair. What’s fascinating is that a single litter of Selkirk Rex kittens can contain both straight and curly-coated individuals, but the curly fur is the dominant gene. Their unique feature isn’t just limited to their coat; their whiskers are curly too!

Selkirk Rexes come in various colors and patterns and can have both short and long fur, depending on the kitten. These cats are gentle, with loving personalities. They are incredibly sociable, even with strangers, living up to their teddy bear-like appearance.

Tasman Manx

Tasman Manx cat

The Tasman Manx is an intriguing breed that offers both short and long hair. Although they share some genetic relations with Cornish and Devon Rex cats, their genetics align more closely with the Manx breed. This genetic connection gives their coats a curled, rough tone.

Tasman Manx cats are not shy and are always ready to play. Despite their frisky nature, they tend to be generally quiet. Their social personalities make them highly compatible with families of all ages.

LaPerm Rex

LaPerm Rex cat

LaPerm Rex cats are known for their long, curly coats, which can range from tight spirals to loose waves, resembling the curls of human hair. Their loose, frilly curls are easy to maintain and don’t tangle or mat, even without regular brushing. These cats are clever and often mischievous, providing endless entertainment. While they are independent and make excellent hunters and playmates, they are also affectionate companions to their chosen humans.

Skookum Rex


The Skookum Rex is a breed that exudes both cuteness and uniqueness. What sets them apart from other Rex cats is their distinctive appearance as munchkin cats. So, these lovable cats have short, stubby legs, earning them the nickname “the Shirley Temple of Cats.” This feature is a result of crossing a standard Munchkin cat with a LaPerm, making it a hybrid dwarf breed.

But it’s not just their appearance that makes Skookum Rex cats remarkable. They’re incredibly sweet-natured and docile, making them wonderful companions for virtually any type of household. Their affectionate disposition means they get along well with kids, seniors, and other pets. Skookum Rex cats are renowned for being extra-loving and cuddly, offering warmth and companionship wherever they go.

Ural Rex

Ural Rex cat

The Ural Rex is a breed shrouded in mystery and rarity. Named after the Ural mountains in Russia, this breed is still in the process of gaining recognition by major cat associations. What distinguishes the Ural Rex is its unique coat, which comes in two lengths: short and medium. So, this coat is characterized by its rich density and tightly curled texture, which gives the cats a distinctive appearance.

Although relatively scarce, the Ural Rex cats are known for their alertness, activeness, and playful nature. They are also agile and light on their feet, and their elegant build adds to their allure. With their playful and energetic personalities, they can seamlessly integrate into families of all sizes, bringing joy and charm into every home.

Oregon Rex

Oregon Rex cat

The Oregon Rex is a breed with a fascinating history, originating in the state of Oregon in 1955. However, these cats are now considered extinct. What made them truly unique was their wedge-shaped heads with longer nasal bridges, giving them an attractive facial structure. As Orgeon Rex is unique and strange cat the question may arise that “can cats eat dog food?” But they are like other breeds and need there required nutrition.

The Oregon Rex, though no longer abundant, has certainly made its mark in the world of cat breeds. Their behavior, while somewhat finicky, was also characterized by a loving and affectionate nature towards their human companions. Although extinct, the Oregon Rex’s legacy lives on as a testament to the diversity and uniqueness of the cat world.

California Rex

California Rex cat

The California Rex is another unique breed, originating in California, USA. These cats have a short, curly coat that is soft to the touch. Their fur can come in various colors and patterns. California Rex cats are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities. They are social cats that enjoy human company and are usually good with children and other pets. With their striking appearance and engaging demeanor, California Rex cats make excellent additions to any household.

Frequently Asked Question

Rex cat breeds have a reputation for having distinctive wavy or curly coats and friendly, affectionate personalities.

Prices vary based on breed rarity, but they generally range from $100 to $1,500, depending on the specific breed.

The Selkirk Rex stands out with its teddy bear-like appearance, thanks to its plush, curly coat.

Rex cats, known for their friendly nature, usually get along well with children and other animals.


In a world of different cat breeds, Rex cats are amazing. The Rex mutation has created several cat varieties with distinct personalities. From the energetic and lively Cornish Rex to the smart and lovable LaPerm Rex, these cats have something for every cat lover.

The Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, German Rex, Selkirk Rex, Tasman Manx, LaPerm Rex, Skookum Rex, Ural Rex, and now-extinct Oregon Rex are famous cat breeds. If you want a unique and affectionate pet, try one of these Rex breeds. Each cat has a unique look and will brighten your day with love and friendship. Finally, these Rex cats are a beautiful example of cat breed variation. Why not explore the attraction of these charming cat companions?

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