Dog Breed

The History of Dog Breeds

Humans and Dogs have been together in thick and thin since pre historic times. Such a bond was formed due to a human’s need for food, security alarm (as dogs bark when they see intruder) and for hunting purposes

Science has categorized dogs into 2 types.

  • Canis Familiaris (domestic dog)
  • Canis Lupus Familiaris (domestic WOLF dog)

All dogs come in the family of Canidae or canids. These are dog like carnivores and carnivore refers to meat eaters. Their sub family in canids is caninae. Dogs are one of the earliest animals bred by humans.

History of dog breed

Characteristics of Dog Breeds

Even though there are so many dog breeds but all members of dogs of the genus canis have some common physical attributes for example bone structure, behavior pattern and reproduction.One such similarity between them is their canine teeth. Being the descendants of wolves’ their dental pattern are based on carnivorous diet. Their pattern is specifically made to rip apart and chew meat. Most canids have dental formula of



Another common aspect among them is their diet which used to be purely meat back in the times but modern dogs are very flexible when it comes to their diet are no longer pure meat eaters.

Characteristics of Dog Breeds

Types of dogs

Hound Dogs

Hound dogs are special types of dogs bred to chase warm blooded and terrestrial preys. They are divided into 2 categories sighthounds and scent hounds. As their names suggest suggest sight hounds use sight as their main power while scent hounds use smell. Examples include Blood hound, grey hound and dachshund.

Hound Dogs breed

Sporting Dogs

Another special type of dog that is bred for sports events.They are used to help their hunters capture and retrieve game birds. Retriever type focus on swimming such as in waterfowl while setters , spaniels and pointers are known for hunting game bruds. Golden retriever and Labrador retriever are a few types.

Working Dogs

As the name suggests these are the dogs that do normal tasks like guarding a home or pulling somem weight.Rottweiler, the Boxer and the Great Dane are few examples of working dog.

Herding Dogs

Herding dogs

Another type of dogs often co related with working dogs however herding dogs specialize in some specific tasks like herding livestock such as sheep or cattle.

Service Dogs

These are also specialized dogs often used for some amazing tasks like in the military or police. They are used for their strong sense of smell such as to find bombs and explosives. Examples include German Shephard, Border Collie and Icelandic Sheepdog.

Terrier Dogs

Terrier breeds are specially bred because of their small size which allows us to make them useful in stuff like hunting vermins underground. Some of them include long legs to dig out rodents. Some are bully breeds for bull baiting and now they are mostly companion dogs.Some terrier breeds include Aairedale terrier , Kerry blue terrier and irish terrier.

Toy Dogs

Toy Dogs breed

Toy dogs are those cute dogs you usually found in your houses and they are look extremely cute I nature. They are also not aggressive making them female-friendly and a common. They are a nice choice for people who live in busy cities and are looking for a cute pet. Some common toy dogs include chihuahua, shih tzu and pug.

Non Sporting Dogs

Non sporting dogs are not categorized into any special category as majority of them are just companion dogs. Some examples of non sporting dogs include toy poodle, bulldog and dalmation.

Dog-Wolf hybrids

Modern wolves and dogs have a common ancestor. Some large breed dogs have been bred with wolves such as with the case of malamutes and huskies. In 1990 Russians created a breeding program for wolf dog hybrids called volkosob of which main purpose was border control.

Type of Dog

More Information on Dog Breeds

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FAQ's of Dog Breed

Are dogs easier to pet?

If you have a passion for dogs they are not much tough to pet. You may feel overwhelmed for few days but its worth the effort.

Do dogs bite?

Tamed dogs do not bite their owner but may bite any stranger. If vaccinated their bites wont cause any serious damage. If a dog is rabid then rabies vaccine will be admistered to the victim.

Do dogs only eat meat?

Modern dogs are flexible in their diet and you can see many non meat based dog food in the market that is cheaper to buy.

What are dogs mainly used for?

They have many purposes ranging from protection to detective work such as finding bombs through their strong sense of smell.

What are stray dogs?

Stray dogs are non tamed domestic dogs that does not have a owner and roam around roads and streets searching for food.