French Bulldog Complete Guide 

The French Bulldog, affectionately called the Frenchie, is a famous small breed famous for its one-of-a-kind bat-like ears, compact size, and charming personality. Originating in the 1800s as a companion canine in France, the breed quickly gained desire amongst city dwellers for its adaptable nature and friendly disposition. Standing about 11 to 12 inches tall and weighing sixteen to twenty-eight kilos, French Bulldogs are robust and muscular in spite of their small stature. Belonging to the Non-Sporting Group, those puppies are characterized by way of their affectionate, playful, and once in a while cussed nature. Their average lifespan levels from 10 to 12 years, making them a fantastically lengthy-lived breed when well cared for.

French Bulldogs have each pros and cons as pets. On the fine facet, they may be low-strength dogs that do not require massive exercise, making them perfect for condo dwellings. Their unswerving and affectionate nature makes them high-quality partners for households and individuals alike. However, ability proprietors must be aware of a few challenges, which include their propensity for various health troubles, together with respiratory problems because of their brachycephalic (quick-nosed) shape. Frenchies additionally produce quite a number of particular noises, from snoring to “speaking,” which can be typically innocent but can be surprising for the uninitiated. Regarding diet, a balanced and controlled meal intake is critical to saving you from obesity and associated fitness troubles. Overall, even as French Bulldogs can make notable pets, potential owners should cautiously take into account those elements to ensure a glad and healthy existence for their Frenchie.

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Boston Terrier vs. French Bulldog

Even despite the fact that the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldogs have lots of similarities, they may be furthermore one-of-a-kind in masses of techniques. For instance, the Boston Terrier puppies are more energetic and feature extra electricity to spend than French Bulldogs.

The way that those dogs stroll is likewise substantially certainly one of a type. The Boston terrier has a first-rate and almost rhythmic way of on foot. However, the French bulldog seemingly doesn’t abide thru the equal pattern, taking up a freer and extra comfortable stride.

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Evolution and Origins

types of french bulldogs

The records of the diminutive bat-eared dog start with its bulldog forbears, which have been employed in bullfighting and ultimately at exhibitions inside the path of which they were separated in step with their weight. The smallest of them all became favourites of lace gadget operators in the 19th century and made the circulate with them to Northern France, wherein their skills have been despite the fact that in name for within the wake of the Industrial Revolution which swept Britain.

It wasn’t lengthy earlier than those squishy faces, rambunctious personalities, and lovable ears gained the hearts of the French, too.  These little bulldogs fast have turned out to be a fixture within the brothels of Montmartre, in which girls used them as icebreakers while top-notch net website traffic. From there, their attraction spread through the Russian Imperial court to human beings of manner, in the end, all through the Atlantic and everywhere in the international. Currently, the lovable, wilful furballs are some of the most famous puppies around the globe.

Size and Weight

history of french bulldogs

These dogs are medium-sized and are to be had a whole lot of sunglasses like fawn, brindle, white, blue, and black. Both the ladies and men are approximately eleven to twelve inches in size. Meanwhile, the girls typically weight around 16 to 24 kilos at the same time as the males who normally weigh around 20 to twenty-eight pounds.

Height (Male)

11-12 inches tall

Height (Female)

11-12 inches tall

Weight (male)

20-28 lbs., fully grown

Weight (female)

16-24 lbs., fully grown


Common Health Issues

These dogs are vulnerable to masses of health issues, even though some of the most commonplace embody the threat of heatstroke, regular allergic sneezing fits, ear infections, and respiratory problems. More specifically, a number of the ones dogs are born with a cleft palate. Due to the terrible outcomes that a cleft palate will have on respiration and ingesting alike, many puppies born with this situation are euthanized.

Intervertebral disc contamination is another problem for these puppies. It takes place whilst the internal disc protrudes into the spinal wire’s nerve tissue. Dogs experience good-sized pain and inflammation in the spinal wire with this infection, and puppy owners might also moreover need to raise their dishes for meals and water to a better diploma to avoid putting more pressure on their backbone.

Overall, a number of the issues that they suffer from encompass:

  • Chronic hypersensitive reaction
  • Cleft palate
  • Heatstroke
  • Intervertebral disc illness
  • Eye infections
  • Ear infections
  • Breathing troubles


As in step with temperament, they may be even-tempered house puppies, requiring a massive amount of hobbies at domestic for their emotional and intellectual fitness. They might even start competing with alternative family individuals to get your interest and excessively call for it, displaying their jealous nature.

If the dog is happy, it could furthermore bark excessively, but they use their exclusive sounds to reveal their excitement as well. Otherwise, those dogs are glad in any sort of residence settling and commonly do now not require a big backyard. These puppies are nearly normally so happy to accompany you on a long walk. French bulldogs are considered to be one of the super dogs for city residing.

They additionally do now not require immoderate quantities of food and require little portions of grooming. However, the ones dogs do snore and can nearly typically want to be within the house, seeking to grab all the eye that they’re capable of.

french bulldog training

How to Take Care of French Bulldogs

Before keeping any pup (mainly the French Bulldog), you want to have a concept about what to do to attend to them to keep them properly fed and inaccurate health. Here are a few things that you have to comprehend about taking precise care of the French Bulldogs.

The Best Dog Food for French Bulldog

french bulldog food

You can feed your puppies some first-rate dry dog food. In popular, they need to want about 1 handiest. Five cups of meals an afternoon, although it’s miles split amongst three meals in order that they don’t overeat and cause their belly to reject it. The food also may be decreased to two a day, as long as they, however, get an equal amount.

Though owners need to continually be cautious about the human food that French Bulldogs eat, it’s far more consistent to enjoy clearly cooked hen, brown rice, peas, oatmeal, and flaxseeds. This breed regularly suffers from allergies, but fortunately, there are various restrained-difficulty dog foods to be had to help out dogs with allergies. With any breed that is prone to such masses of excellent health problems, it’s important to find terrific dog meals that give your dog complete nutrients.

Firstly, this particular small-dog recipe says goodbye to grains and legumes collectively with pea protein, lentils, corn, wheat, and soy that are infamous for causing horrific reactions. Plus, there are natural opportunity protein sources like duck that provide healthful nourishment even for dogs allergic to unusual elements like hens. Have a test on the whole listing of materials we advise on your French Bulldog right here.

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Maintenance and Grooming

These dogs are normally low-safety dogs, and their brief coats do now not require pretty a little grooming. They don’t even want everyday haircuts. To eliminate loose hair, they have to be brushed periodically and bathed every month or each unique month.

These puppies additionally want regular nail trims and enamel-brushing instructions. Their wrinkles will need to be wiped smooth to avoid contamination or bacteria accumulation.

french bulldog grooming


While those dogs can be easy to teach, they nevertheless may be very cussed. However, if skilled with a top-notch mindset, they could display super effects. French Bulldogs are normally quick rookies. Keep a snug disposition at some point in schooling to yield high-quality effectiveness.


These dogs commonly need no longer lots, much less than one hour of exercise each day. However, that mustn’t be set up in the most effective session. They can do very well with short walks spanned out sooner or later in the day; however, be privy to how a good deal they may be exerting themselves. When the hotter months come, they’ll experience issues with respiratory.


Puppies are to be looked after in a much comparable manner to how you’ll deal with a person. However, you can want to break up their food into 3 to four small foods at some level during the day, not just like the character.


These puppies do thoroughly round youngsters. They are pleasant and make high-quality companions. They thrive at the human touch that they get inside the family and get specifically excited spherical kids. Learn more approximately the splendid canine breeds for families with children right now here.

french bulldog puppies

Dogs Similar to French Bulldogs

If a French bulldog isn’t always outstanding in shape for your property, many other breeds will find their manner into your coronary heart. Here are a number of the puppies which can be similar to them:

Boston Terrier: These puppies are very similar to the French Bulldogs (as evidenced above). However, additionally, they have a few variations in terms of the way they walk, how lousy lot they bark, and the way dense their coat is.

Golden Retriever: These dogs are excellent and affectionate, similar to the French Bulldogs. They furthermore need a whole lot of exercising, but they’ve got a social nature that makes them a first rate own family dog.

Havanese: These puppies are close to Cuba and have characteristic mild fur. They socialize the masses and are commonly easy to educate (much like the French bulldog).

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, French Bulldogs are desirable pets, especially for people and households searching for a loving, low-protection companion.

Adult French Bulldogs commonly require approximately 1 to 1. Five cups of tremendous canine meals in keeping with the day, divided into two meals. It’s vital to screen their weight-reduction plan to prevent weight problems.

French Bulldogs had been at the beginning bred in England as miniature Bulldogs and later advanced in France, turning into popular companion animals.

French Bulldogs are part of the Non-Sporting Group in line with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

A Frenchie is a French Bulldog, a small breed regarded for its bat-like ears, muscular build, and affectionate nature.


French Bulldogs, generally known as “Frenchies,” are beloved for their fascinating personalities and specific appearance. They make notable pets for various living conditions because of their small length, low exercise needs, and affectionate nature. However, capability owners need to be privy to the breed’s fitness issues, inclusive of breathing troubles and pores and skin situations, that can require significant care and cost. Understanding the pros and cons of proudly owning a French Bulldog can assist prospective pet proprietors in making a knowledgeable choice and making sure of happy and wholesome lifestyles for their new partner.

Historically, French Bulldogs originated in England and had been developed in France, making them a breed with a wealthy background. They belong to the Non-Sporting Group in canine indicates, reflecting their number one role as accomplice animals as opposed to running dogs. Frenchies typically weigh between sixteen to twenty-eight pounds and have a median lifespan of around 10 to twelve years. Their particular vocalizations, from grunts to “talking,” can indicate quite a number of feelings and needs, including their endearing qualities. By assembling their nutritional and health requirements, French Bulldog owners can enjoy a few years with those loyal and wonderful pets.

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