Akbash Dog Breed Loyal, Protective, Intelligent Guardians

The Akbash dog, referred to as the Turkish Akbash or Akbash Shepherd Dog, is a breed diagnosed for its loyalty, defensive instincts, and putting look. Originating from Turkey, this ancient breed has been traditionally used as a cattle determine, especially in the rugged terrain of Anatolia. Akbash puppies end up as big, effective puppies with an enforcing presence and a keen revelation of responsibility. Their natural white coats, athletic gather, and sensible eyes motivate them to be lovely and powerful protectors. With a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years, the Akbash dog breed is especially valued for its aggregate of gentleness with family individuals and fierce protectiveness in the path of capability threats.

Choosing an Akbash doggy approach makes funding for a dog that calls for the area, schooling, and strength of will for their well-being. The Akbash dog duration can be quite implementing, with guys normally weighing between ninety to one hundred forty pounds and status 28 to 34 inches tall. If you’re thinking about an Akbash dog within the market, it is essential to make sure they’re sourced from valid breeders who prioritize the health and temperament of those noble puppies. When comparing the Akbash vs Pyrenees, each breed percent of the electricity of will to guard livestock; however, the Akbash is often noted for its agility and independent nature. For those searching out Anatolian Akbash dogs, knowing their unique goals and inclinations is important to present a suitable home for this majestic Turkish canine Akbash.

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Size and Weight

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The Akbash is a big to big period quick- to medium- or lengthy-hair dog with an average top of 30″ for grownup men and 28—five for girls. Males weigh approximately 120 pounds, certainly grown, and women weigh approximately 90 pounds completely grown. Akbash dogs weigh 13 lbs on average at seven weeks of age and are generally absolutely grown between 24 and 36 months old.

Common Health Issues

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The purebred Akbash is liable to nice fitness troubles, which might be commonplace in working breeds. The most common is hip dysplasia, which influences the ball and socket joints inside the hips and might notably range in motion and variety of movement later in existence, mainly even if it is arthritic.

You can lower the possibility of encountering this circumstance by shopping for hip-certified stock from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Gastric torsion (bloat) is another feasible circumstance, and it’s miles seen in huge breeds. Destructiveness is a chief behavioral problem when Akbash is bored or cooped up, which could result in OCD.

In sum, the maximum not unusual health troubles with the Akbash are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Gastric torsion/bloat
  • Obsessive-compulsive disease (OCD)

Evolution and Origins

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The Akbash canine is a breed that certainly originated in Turkey. They have evolved as a livestock dad or mum breed and were used for loads of years to shield sheep and goats from predators collectively with wolves and bears.
The breed’s call, “Akbash,” means “white head” in Turkish and refers to the breed’s specific white coat. The breed is thought to be superior to crosses among community Turkish breeds and breeds brought to the region through nomadic tribes.


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The Akbash have a temperament that is neither shy nor aggressive. Its persona is adaptable. Some words that describe its tendencies are Gentle, calm, patient, flexible, stoic, protective, affectionate, alert, maternal, dependable, unbiased, and courageous.
The Akbash is a famous choice for farmers wanting guardians for cattle or families with children. It suggests identical conduct toward its flock because it does so towards the circle of relatives members, mainly while socializing early in lifestyles. It is actually playful; however, it has a low prey strength and takes longer to mature than smaller breeds, so they lack their complete mental capacities till they do.
You can expect the Akbash to have a low tendency to chunk, considering its persona isn’t truly hostile. Its natural behavior is suspicious in the direction of strangers, yet its tendencies of highbrow interest and gentleness make it a non-dead predator deterrent.

How To Take Care of an Akbash

New pup owners searching out a manner to attend to the Akbash, specifically Akbash puppies, need not forget elements associated with both its walking organization and its particular breed. Whether it’s fitness issues like hip dysplasia or unique care related to hair and large size, the Akbash has specific elements that ought to be considered.

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The Best Dog Food

The Akbash, in particular puppies, have special health problems compared to specific breeds and particularly non-running puppies. Therefore, even skilled dog owners need to take into account positive factors while deciding on food for their pets:
Its weight-reduction plan necessities need to offer vitamins to maintain eyesight, intellectual attention, and bone health, in addition to velocity and agility while important. High-quality financial canine meals are high-quality, but beef is right. The Akbash, moreover, has goals for fiber in its food regimen, which you could offer with greens or with canine meals containing veggies. However, to keep away from troubles like excess weight or bloating (gastric torsion), do not overfeed.
Remove the food from your puppy’s dish after 10-15 mins, and feed your canine no greater than food a day. Cooked egg, fruit, and cottage cheese are nice as long as they are no more than 10% of the weight loss plan. Avoid exercising your canine for one hour in advance or after meals.
Because Akbash dogs are so huge, their diets want a touch more thought to make certain precise sufficient nutrients for bone and joint assistance. Look for canine meals with calcium, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

Maintenance And Grooming

The Akbash has a double coat which may be brief, medium, or even longer. It requires weekly brushing as well as carpet vacuuming, plus greater commonplace brushing throughout seasonal dropping periods whilst it changes its coat. On the plus facet, its fur does no longer mat and does no longer have plenty of heady scent. It also does now not need unique grooming, making its safety desires fairly slight.


Like other breeds, the Akbash desire early education, and three months is the encouraged start line. It desires a strong, corporation, however skilled, and affected person handler who will no longer be verbally harsh or bodily punishing. This breed acts on its personal and may be very unbiased, being able to stay to inform the story on its own with the resource of digging for gophers and different small animals to consume. It is eager to please, and as quickly as it learns responsibilities, it does not want prompting.

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Although the Akbash has a low strength level, it saves its power for protection against predators. To live lean, wholesome, and satisfied, I need 20-forty minutes of workout every day, similar to masses of room to roam around out of doors, as I no longer revel in gambling interior and prefer to have a few by myself time. Special care needs to be taken to discover the Akbash in an appropriate home and property or outside that it may patrol freely.


Akbash puppies are similar to puppies of various breeds, with a moderate amount of mouthiness. This addiction desires to learn in them to avoid continuing the behavior as adults. This breed is gradual in reaping maturity, attaining entire adulthood and highbrow awareness until 2 to a few years of age.


The Akbash is as submissive to and defensive of kids as it is of farm animals, giving early publicity to socialization. In fact, it considers children to be a part of its flock. It is affectionate and dependable to its family but shy and suspicious of strangers without being properly away competitive in their direction. This breed, within reason, is playful and has a top-notch desire for households with kids.

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Dogs similar to Akbash

Kangal (Canga): Like the Akbash, the Kangal is also from Turkey. However, even as the Akbash can be exported, the Kangal can not, and its miles are likewise taken into consideration as a national dog breed of Turkey.

Akbash vs. Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees look similar to the Akbash but with a heavier head, a whole lot less lean body, shorter legs, and a longer, heavier-dropping coat. Like the Akbash, the Great Pyrenees have white fur and, from time to time, have patches of gray or biscuit coloring.
Their ancestors date lower again to Asia Minor spherical 10,000 BC and ultimately got here to Spain, after which France, where the breed evolved into that which we understand nowadays. Both breeds are approximately the same top and lifespan, with the Great Pyrenees weighing approximately 24 lbs (11kg) much less further to having a bigger muddle period of 7-12 as opposed to 8-nine puppies.

Famous Akbash Dogs

Although the Akbash is one of the countrywide canine breeds of Turkey and may be exported, it is hardly ever recognized outside of the United States, in which it stays well-known as a livestock parent dog. You can, however, find out loads of owners’ images of it on Instagram.

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Popular Names

Popular names for Akbash encompass:

  • Buddy
  • Max
  • Rocky
  • Jack

Frequently Asked Question

The Akbash dog originates from Turkey and is within the vital used as a cattle guardian canine.

Akbash puppies are big, with men usually weighing between 90-140 pounds and women weighing between seventy and five-100 twenty pounds.

The commonplace lifespan of an Akbash dog is spherical, 10-12 years.

Both breeds are massive farm animals, decide dogs. However, Akbash puppies tend to be leaner and, in addition, agile, while Great Pyrenees are regularly heavier and more sturdy.


The Akbash canine is a remarkable breed originating from Turkey, stated for its loyalty, intelligence, and defensive nature. As a parent breed, the Akbash excels in farm animal safety, making it a top-notch choice for farmers and ranchers. This breed’s big size, energy, and keen revel in obligation make it a wonderful protector in competition with predators. With a lifespan of approximately 10-12 years, the Akbash canine calls for proper schooling, socialization, and care to thrive. Whether you’re interested in an Akbash home dog or a mature Akbash shepherd canine, ensuring you get your puppy from a top-notch breeder is crucial for the fitness and nicely-being of the animal. Overall, the Akbash canine breed is a first-rate choice for the ones searching for a dedicated and hardworking accomplice.

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